Protective eye wear has been around a lot longer than you may think. The Eskimos used caribou antler, wood and sea shell to construct goggles with small slit in them – this protected eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays and helped prevent snow-blindness. Early automobiles had little or no covering or windshield, so drivers wore goggles to protect from dust and wind. Similarly, early aviators employed goggles to keep wind, debris and bugs from hurting them at the high speeds they flew at without the protection of a modern cockpit. And swimmers, naturally, have used goggles to see in the water and to prevent irritation from salt water or chlorine. Speedo has improved goggles far beyond the average goal of keeping water out of swimmers’ eyes.

With over seventy models of goggle Speedo once again proves itself on the forefront of swim technology. Not only does Speedo focus on goggles as individual swim accessories they also work to streamline swimwear, developing goggles, swim cap and swimsuit systems that are designed to complement each other’s performance in the water. The Fastskin3 suit is meant to be used with its corresponding swim cap and goggles for maximum efficiency. All Speedo goggles are designed to protect your eyes in the water, no matter what activity you’re pursuing.

If you’re a competitive swimmer Speedo has the latest goggle tech ready for you, but if you’re in the water just for fun and exercise Speedo’s other goggle models will provide the fit and performance you want. With men’s, women’s and kids goggles in various sizes and models you’re sure to find what you need. Explore mirrored and polarized goggles to protect against the sun’s rays, or find the bright and fun goggles your water-shy kid will love to wear.

Of course, goggles can only take you so far in the water – if you’re diving below the surface you may want to check out masks and snorkels so you can explore the ocean floor in comfort. But for laps and fun in the pool standard goggles are the best solution for keeping water out of your eyes, due to the seal they make around your eye. While you’re here, upgrade your swim bag and check out women and men’s swimsuits to ensure you’re time at the pool is even more convenient. Don’t struggle through another workout in the water without the proper protection. Find a comfortable fit and efficient style to help you slice through the water and get your best performance.