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Snorkel gear can add a fun element to your time in the water. Use snorkels to breathe comfortably while your swim mask protects your eyes from water. Observe the ocean floor for hours of relaxed fun or toss water-safe toys in the pool for the kids to play I-Spy or have a treasure hunt with their snorkel gear. The possibilities for fun are endless in freshwater, saltwater or pools.

Use fins to propel yourself through the water with ease while you peruse the ocean floor. Find swim masks that fit well and seal to give you a clear view of the bottom of the lake. Make sure you buddy up to apply sunscreen to your back and the backs of your legs – floating along the surface for any length of time is bound to rack up some serious sun exposure. No matter what your snorkeling needs are, Speedo has the masks, fins and snorkels you'll want to keep in your swim bag.