Once early humans reached less hospitable climates and environments they needed gear that would protect their feet from cold and rocky or slippery ground. As the foot contains more bones than any other single part of the body it is vulnerable to injury and, as an extremity, to the dangers of hypothermia, including frostbite. To protect against slippery pool bottoms or dangerous debris in shallows, water shoes were invented to cover feet during water activities. Footwear was designed for people to play in the water during activities such as kayaking, fishing, other active water sports, or to go to and from the pool without slipping. With so many types of water shoes available today, make sure you do your research and focus on the type that fits your need. Speedo is the leader in aquatics and is a trusted source in everything from swimwear to footwear.

Waterproof shoes are commonly made of quick drying mesh with a rubber bottom, which allows your shoes to easily dry and to stabilize you on slippery surfaces. Many people wear swim shoes in the water, especially during water aerobics or water dance for the extra support. Swim shoes are also great for protecting your feet in public places like showering after swim practice. At Speedo we have water shoes for women and water shoes for men in a variety of sizes and colors. Make sure to explore our full collection of aqua shoes!

While you find your new footwear and sandals, check out some of our other water gear that will make the pool or beach more enjoyable. We have a selection of snorkeling gear to help you during your underwater exploration and of course, our iconic competition swimwear. From head to toe, Speedo has got all your swimwear needs covered!