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Level Lock

Style No: 7753047
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  • Ankle lock with moderate buoyancy prevents kicking during pulling sets.
  • Improve upper body strength and pulling technique while strengthening core muscles.
  • Forces the engagement of abdominals and obliques to maintain a streamline horizontal position.
  • Angled side valves capture and pressurize water, adding additional resistance.
  • Promotes proper alignment in the water.
  • Orient in the opposite direction to reduce resistance.
  • Soft materials are comfortable against skin.

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  • Level Lock

    Training on lock

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Product Features

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Angled Side Valves

Unique side valves offer additional resistance.

EVA Material

Ideal buoyancy assists leg floatation at proper level to aid in hip rotation without compromising alignment.

Figure 8 Lock Design

Worn around the ankle to completely eliminate kicking.

Infinite Gains

Ideal for swimmers and coaches, the Level Lock functions as both a resistance pull buoy and body positioning tool. Premium buoyancy aligns your legs, driving through the hips to achieve maximum upper body gains.

  • Improve Your Position

    The specialized infinity lock design allows for a quick release, allowing you to feel the immediate effects of their corrected body position. After all, it’s all about form.

    Figure 8 Lock Design

    Completely eliminate kicking. Design allows for quick release.


    EVA material provides ideal buoyancy to align swimmer's hips and legs.

    Maximum Upper Body Gains

    Alignment of legs allows for maximum upper body gains.
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