Men’s swimwear has undergone many changes over the last few centuries – Did you know it wasn’t until the 1930’s that the first chest-revealing swimwear for men appeared? It’s true – men’s swimsuits were once form-fitting garments made of wool with long sleeves and legs, much like long underwear. Can you guess who invented the first non-wool swimwear for men in the 1920’s? That’s right – it was Speedo. For nearly a century, Speedo has been at pushing the envelope to bring the latest technologies to swimwear.

Ever since we launched the first modern day swim briefs at the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games, Speedo has been improving the design of our competition swimsuits to make you faster and more agile in the water. Speedo swim briefs are ergonomically engineered to streamline water away from the body so that you can move at a quicker pace. Our jammers have a form fitting design to provide maximum water resistance with four-way stretch technology. All of our men’s swimwear is made with water repellant, chlorine resistant and quick drying materials guaranteed so they can endure swim workout after workout.

If you are a recreational swimmer, Speedo USA has many styles of board shorts (often known as swim trunks) for you to choose from. Originally developed for aquatic sports, the term “board shorts” is named for their use in surfing, as they are durable and hold up to wear from the surf board. Speedo USA board shorts have UPF 50+ fabric to protect you from harmful sun rays while you are enjoying time at the beach or in the water.

Whether you are a competitive swimmer or a more casual beach goer, Speedo USA has the men’s swimming apparel, gear and equipment you need as well. Choose from the latest designs of swim goggles and swim caps so you are at your best when swimming laps. Shop for water shoes and apparel like tee shirts, shorts and warm up jackets for dry land workouts or in between heats at swim meets. Get your recreational swim equipment as well like snorkels & fins for fun days at the beach or recreational swimming in the pool. From head to toe, our men’s swimwear will keep you covered and comfortable at the pool, beach or lake. Start browsing our selection of swimwear for men today only from Speedo USA.