Protect yourself from the sun's rays with swim shirts from Speedo. Our rash guards will keep you in the water longer with protection from harmful UV rays. Our Block the Burn® fabric incorporates the latest sun-protection technology. Tightly knit fabric creates a fitted garment – superior fit means that the fabric will not stretch and decrease your protection. Better body coverage keeps sensitive spots covered but still allows you a full range of movement. Quick drying and lightweight our men's rash guards are the perfect addition to your swim bag for long days at the pool or beach.

Speedo has pioneered swim gear technology for nearly a century. With each advance in material and construction technology Speedo has introduced swimsuits, goggles, swim caps, swim shoes and more that pushes the limit of what competitors can achieve in the water. Discover better swim trunks, jammers, and swim briefs that were designed to slice through the water with ease. Browse our selection of swim accessories like fins, snorkels, waterproof headphones and more. No matter what you're looking for Speedo is sure to have what you need to improve your performance and make time in the water more interesting and fun.

Find both long and short sleeve swim shirts that will give you the level of protection and comfort you need for optimal performance. Consult our size chart to decide whether you need a size up for ease of movement. Check out our Compression Series of rash guards to see if your workouts might benefit from a material that will cut muscle fatigue and speed recovery. With superior fabric design our men's rash guards won't irritate or chafe.

While you're here be sure to stock up on other swim gear. Replace foggy goggles or worn out swim caps with new ones that will last through countless hours in the water. Find the perfect swim bag to get you to and from the pool without getting the car damp. Invest in swim shoes that will keep you stabilized during workouts and other fitness tools. Simplify your time going to and coming from the pool and optimize your time in the water with Speedo swim gear, swim shirts and more.

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