We’ve come a long way from the days of Victorian bathing suits, with their cumbersome straps and bulky shorts. Since 1927 Speedo has been at the forefront of swimwear design, developing iconic swimsuits, from women’s racerbacks to men’s briefs and high-tech solutions like Fastskin. Perhaps Speedo’s most iconic design is THE Speedo – the men’s swim briefs that were, well, briefer than anything that had come before. The Speedo was yet another revolution in men’s swimwear, one that allowed men to slice through the water more easily than ever before: less fabric meant less drag. Seen in countless competitions for decades, the Speedo gained as much recognition for the medals won in it as it did for its looks.

Browse through our collection of swim briefs to find a pair that’s perfect at the pool or beach. Whether you’re training or just there for fun, The Speedo is now a classic option for workouts and casual fun alike. If the Speedo is just a bit more revealing than you’d like for casual days spent at the pool or beach, try our jammers instead. They still cut through water but offer slightly more coverage. Nothing can compare to the Speedo, however, when it comes to flexibility and range of movement. No matter what you prefer to wear, all of our swimwear is built to last, with resistance to chlorine and wear, and will last you countless hours in the pool or out of it.

While you’re checking out our selection of men’s swim briefs be sure to ask yourself what else you might need today. Speedo USA offers cutting edge swimming goggles to help you keep your bearings in the water. Swim caps cut resistance for better race times. Water shoes protect your feet and your balance on rough and slippery surfaces. Find the perfect swim bag for meets and workouts and update your tech with underwater headphones to keep you motivated during long stretches in the water. Whether the water is your calling or simply your favorite way of staying in shape, Speedo USA has the swimwear and accessories that will make your swims more efficient and fun.