Training and Technique Tips from Michael Phelps and Coach Bob Bowman

World Champion Michael Phelps has been shattering records, including his own, and racking up Gold Medals for the past decade of his swim career. Renowned for his monumental wins and impeccable form, Phelps works with the Michael Phelps Foundation and the Boys & Girls Club of America to promote healthy living and the competitive sport of swimming among children.

Having coached swim teams at Florida State University and the University of Michigan Bob is currently the CEO/Head Coach of the North Baltimore Aquatic Club. Bowman has been training Michael Phelps since Phelps was ten, honing his talent and leading him to victory on the international stage.

Breaststroke Body Position

Get tips from Bob Bowman on the correct positioning of your body during the Breaststroke. Michael Phelps demonstrates the proper angle of the back when it emerges from the water and the all-important horizontal line the body should create when it leaves the recovery phase and is submerged once again. This horizontal body line, maintained from finger tip to toes significantly decreases drag and allows you to advance smoothly through the water. Watch to see how it’s done.

Breaststroke Head Position

Watch as Michael Phelps demonstrates Bob Bowman’s tips on head position during the breaststroke. The angle of your head and neck when they emerge from the water as well as when they re-submerge is vital to achieving the most streamlined and powerful movements in the water. See how it’s done and get a better understanding of breaststroke technique.

Freestyle Breathing Technique

Learn to move your head with your body rather than independently in order to avoid neck strain and get air as you swim. Bob Bowman explains that a good rule of thumb is to keep half of your goggles in the water when you take a breath: the bow wave created by your head as you move through the water will move it away from your mouth and allow you to take a good breath. Watch to see Michael Phelps slice through the water while breathing easy.

Freestyle Body Position

Bob Bowman points out that Freestyle is more than just kicking and pulling: your movements must be coordinated with the rest of your body and especially your core. See how Michael Phelps does it and get a better understanding of correct freestyle body motion.

Freestyle Propulsion

When done properly Freestyle movements should propel you through the water smoothly. Watch Bob Bowman explain Freestyle propulsion as Michael Phelps demonstrates the moments during the stroke that should use the most strength.

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