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Queen Victoria loved to swim – in her day both women and men wore “bathing costumes” that looked more like long underwear with skirts attached. It’s hard to imagine moving very fast in those get ups, but it was much more modest swimwear than today’s fashions. Just because you want coverage doesn’t mean you should be excluded from water fun. Speedo can help you out – many of our suits provide much more coverage than most modern swimwear, and (unlike Queen Victoria) our suits use Speedo technology to help you move through the water. Modest swimwear, for recreation or training, is not out of reach with Speedo. You just want to join the fun at the pool or beach, but you need (or prefer) to wear a suit that covers more of you. Speedo has plenty of options that cover a little – or a lot – more than most swimsuits. Plus, all of Speedo’s suits offer more than just coverage: They offer performance. The same technology that goes into suits for Olympians can help your suit move, support and fit in just the right way. If you’re looking for maximum coverage, our most modest swimsuits are our Fastskin, Kneeskin and Triathlon lines. These lines are the height of swimwear technology and happen to coincide with modest swimsuit design, perfect for those who wish to train and compete while maintaining a certain level of modesty. Whether you end up with a bikini, swim dress or tankini, you can feel confident in modest swimwear from Speedo.