Speedo Technology

Generations of swimmers have helped hone Speedo’s swimsuits into the technological feats they are today. With partnerships with lead innovators like NASA, Speedo is constantly searching for the latest materials and features to improve the speed, comfort and agility of its suits.

Speedo’s history of innovation began with the creation of the racerback swimsuit. Having helped break a men’s world record in 1932, the racerback was considered too racy for lady swimmers. However the threat of disqualification (for showing too much shoulder) didn’t stop Australian Clare Dennis from winning gold in one in 1932. After World War II Speedo was one of the first swimwear manufacturers to incorporate nylon into its popular swimsuits, creating better fit and thus less drag in the water. By the 1970s Speedo had pioneered the use of spandex in its swimwear allowing for even more durable and better fitting suits.

In the last decade Speedo has broken the mold again with revolutionary designs aimed at maximizing a swimmer’s movements in the water.


Inspired by streamlined shark skin, Fastskin technology funnels water around a swimmer’s body with tiny, strategically placed bumps and ridges. With compression panels in some areas and stretchy fabric in others, Fastskin suits minimize drag and muscle oscillation while allowing for maximum mobility. Even the seams of Fastskin suits have been compressed to lie flat, making the suit as dynamic as possible. Since its first introduction, Fastskin has gone through several iterations culminating in the revolutionary Fastskin 3 system.

Fastskin 3

Instead of focusing purely on the swimsuit, Speedo set out to design a head to toe performance system. The Fastskin swim cap flattens and repositions bulky hair bumps and works in tandem with Fastskin 3 goggles to create a smoother, more streamlined profile. Fastskin 3 goggles utilize a unique “divestream” profile, the outer edge of the goggle whose flatter surface reduces the force on the goggles as you move through the water. Alignment markers help you to match the goggles and cap to create the most streamlined shape.


Your suit should work as hard as you do. Speedo Endurance swimsuits are 100% resistant to the ravaging effects of chlorine and maintain their color 20 times longer. Engineered for fit and comfort as well as durability, Endurance swimsuits are made of softer, lighter materials and four-way stretch fabric that forms to your body in and out of the water.


Speedo is the only manufacturer to use Xtra Life Lycra fiber throughout its performance line, giving Speedo suits the edge on durability. Xtra Life Lycra gives suits longer life, preventing bagging and sagging and keeping colors strong over the life of your swimsuit.