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Discover The Power of Water
We're seeing the pool differently these days, and it's looking more like an all-in-one fitness center. Explore the science.
The Science of Water
Most trainers would say that swimming is the single best full body workout. We're seeing the pool differently these days... and it's looking more like an all-in-one fitness center. If you're a fitness enthusiast searching for a fresh new challenge, a pro athlete looking for a competitive edge or you struggle with simple daily movements—the water offers more.
Experience less gravity, cleaner coordination, consistent resistance, less pain, and natural compression.
Less Gravity,
Less Impact
Water supports up to 90% of our bodyweight. So, when you get in the water, gravity decreases and that means decreased impact or no impact at all. We only have so much "budget" with our human body to bang it up, but the water provides an optimal environment to change the game and how we train... and that's a huge win.
In this "gravity-less" environment (unlike the gym), we're not impacting the joints or muscles nearly as much as we do with our bodyweight during land training. In the water, there's more gravity in the shallows and less gravity in the deep, so we can use the whole of the pool in different ways. It's a perfect environment to train in.
70% of life's injuries, especially in sport, come from overuse. But with water, everything slows down. Unlike the limitations placed on us during "full gravity-dry land" training, here, we have time with each movement to master cleaner coordination. In the water, certain muscles are able to relax, while others fire.
Here, we can begin to train and code the right motor programs for the right movements, so you can perform better in and out of the water. Water allows your body to get into a different state, and do things you may not have been able to do on dry land. We're taking your coordination to a higher level. It's a game changer.
The properties of water are unbelievably consistent in every direction, regardless of multi-planar movements, unlike what we find on dry land. This consistency allows us to train in a whole new way, and not just with the common effects of gravity on a dumbbell, cable or bodyweight.
Now, we can start to do things in different patterns, at a great speed, and in any one of these planes. These properties allow us to explore a whole different space. It's how the body was meant to move.
Less Pain,
More Gain
When you're training on land, you're using gravity to create resistance. One key aspect of that is that with any movement, your muscles have to create force while they lengthen—lowering to the ground during a squat, dropping the weight toward your chest during a bench press. This force production during muscle lengthening is called an eccentric.
contraction, and is the ONLY aspect of resistance training that causes soreness. Training in the water with hydrodynamics as the source of resistance completely removes eccentric contractions from the movement, eliminating the source of muscle soreness from the session. No matter how fast you move the water, there is no eccentric contraction to beat up your body.
Water is the ultimate compressor, an invaluable source for training and recovery. If you're vertical in the water, there's more pressure down at your ankles then around your hips. The deeper you go, the more the tissues compress. This is known as graduated compression. During "full gravity-dry land" training, blood can pool in the lower half of the body, hindering our performance.
However, when we get in the water, graduated compression moves the blood away from our lower half and up into our core. The natural pressure of water works better than compression clothing—helping us to flush our tissues. The result is improved lymphatic circulation and faster recovery. Compression is the bomb.
Benefits of Speedo Fit
Rethink the Pool

Force, speed, and strength. Water not only exercises your cardiovascular muscles, but also provides adequate resistance for strength building that powers you through even the most strenuous training.

These movements are designed to maximize all three aspects of your workout and improve your overall power in and out of the pool.

Strength, plyometrics, and pillar preparation are the keys to developing power.

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The pool is the perfect place to improve your endurance level. The water's natural resistance against your movements results in a higher intensity workout than you would get on land.

Endurance exercises are great for flushing the tissues and conditioning the body. These exercises will train you to have longer, more effective workouts.

Movement preparation and skills, and energy system development are the keys to increasing endurance.

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Recovery and recuperation are key components to a well-rounded workout. We need to be recovered today for a great tomorrow.

Water rehabilitation allows you to rehabilitate yourself without the pain often associated with on-land exercise. Use the unique properties of water to help your body bounce back and relax (like you can't anywhere else). Focus on breathing through the nose.

Regeneration is the key to recovery.

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With 3 focus areas + 7 training components, Speedo Fit helps you stay focused and push your limits. Discover the power of water or start exploring nearly 50 training videos designed to take your workout to the next level.
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We're seeing the pool differently these days. So we've created an all-in-one swim fitness center here at Speedo USA. Here you'll find videos on swim training, interviews with swim pros, and our collection of Speedo Fit swimming wear and swim accessories. Learn about the best ways to optimize your swim fitness and training efforts by focusing on power, endurance and recovery. Let us help you stay focused on training goals while your push your limits. Our training videos are designed to take your workout to the next level, just as our Speedo Fit swimwear is designed to take performance to the next level. Speedo Fit swimsuits and accessories are the best gear known to science and the perfect complements to your own swim fitness regimen. Let Speedo Fit knowledge, technology and innovation help you take your swim fitness goals to the next level.