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Speedo Fit Accessories

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Get more from your workouts with Speedo Fit accessories. From swim goggles to water shoes and kickboards, Speedo Fit accessories are just what you were looking for to change up your swim routine. Designed to help build strength and endurance, Speedo's pull buoys, resistant job belts and paddles help you focus on specific areas and techniques. Use Speedo Fit goggles to get full coverage and optimal comfort and security in the water. Nothing's worse than getting in the zone only to have a goggle fill with water. Get a grip on pool bottoms with water shoes designed to help you move through the exercises you're performing. Whatever your swim fitness goals are, Speedo Fit accessories can help you get there. Throw Speedo Fit accessories into your swim bags the next time you head to the pool and harness the technology and innovation of Speedo during your workout.