The styles of swimsuits have evolved dramatically over time - Did you know that women’s swimsuits of the Victorian era were essentially long dresses? That’s right –women of the 18th century wore long, modest dresses, also known as “bathing gowns” because they were used for public bathing. Sometimes these “bathing gowns” even had weights sewn into the hems, so that the fabric would not rise up in the water.

Ever since women started swimming competitively in the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games, Speedo has been improving the design of women’s swimsuits to make you quicker and more aerodynamic in the water. Our women’s competition swimsuits provide muscle efficiency through reduction on muscle vibration for increased endurance and speed. Made with 100% chlorine resistant fabric, our women’s swimsuits are proven to last 20 times longer than conventional fabrics for your intense swim workouts.

As new technologies, fabrics and fashion trends have transformed the swimsuit industry, we’ve continued to change the look of our recreational women’s swimwear to suit the needs of beach, pool and lake goers worldwide. Choose from our huge selection of one-piece swimsuits, tankinis and two-piece swimsuits that are perfect for recreational lap swimming or spending the day on the beach. Our women’s swimwear has four-way stretch technology to provide a flattering fit and soft comfort while you swim. Find flattering swim dresses and one-piece swimsuit styles in our plus size swimwear collection as well. Explore swimming workouts while you are here to keep you moving in the water.

Make sure you check out our large collection of women’s swimwear apparel, gear and equipment to improve your swim workouts. Improve your strength and conditioning in the water with our fitness and training gear like swim paddles, training fins and weights. Lace up a pair of water shoes with breathable mesh which are perfect for trips to the beach or walking outside the pool. Throw on a Speedo hoodie or pullover to keep warm when you get out of the water. For more recreational swimmers, discover the world underwater with our snorkeling gear – great fun for swimming in the sea.

To say we’ve come a long way since 18th century women’s swimsuits would be an understatement. No matter how serious of a swimmer you are, Speedo USA has women’s swimsuits and gear that you need at the pool, beach or lake. As one of the world’s most trusted swimwear brands for nearly a century, get women’s swimsuits, apparel and gear you can count on from Speedo USA.