Swimsuits were easy to size in the 1800s – chances are if you were a women who got to go swimming at all you were wealthy and “bathing gowns” were tailor made just for you. But you probably don’t have a live-in ladies maid to help you make your clothing today, and it can be difficult to find a plus size swimsuit that you really enjoy wearing. Happily Speedo is dedicated to providing quality modest swimwear to every swimmer. Whether you’re looking for performance swimwear or just something for exercise and fun in the sun, Speedo has the sizes, styles, colors and patterns you’ll want to hit the beach or pool in.

All of Speedo’s plus size swimsuits are built to last – explore women’s swimsuits made to resist chlorine, protect you from the sun’s rays and make it easier to slice through the water. Improve your workouts with a swimsuit that works with you – it supports and offers coverage but does not drag through the water or constrict your movement. With a wide array of lovely colors and patterns, Speedo plus sizes are also fun to wear and stand out from the sea of plus size swimwear, which so many other companies treat as an afterthought. Enjoy the quality construction and attention to detail that Speedo swimwear has to offer.

While you’re here be sure to take stock of your other swim necessities. Do you need water shoes or goggles? Snorkels or flippers? Find the swim caps, hats, bags and electronics that will make your time at the pool more enjoyable and convenient. Whether you’re training, working out or just having fun, time in the water is important to you. Make the most of it by bringing your tunes into the water with you, making walks on slippery decks safer, and carrying your sense of style around with you (as well as a waterproof pocket for your suit later)! Speedo designs all of its swimwear and accessories for to look great and embody functionality and utility.

Don’t let a lack of options keep you out of the water – explore plus size Speedo swimsuits to find the most comfortable fit and stylish looks.