Men's Bathing Suits & Men's Swim Shorts


Inspired by the innovation and technology that the world's most elite swimmer's rely on.


Proven compression and comfort for keeping your mind and body in shape.


Comfort and freedom at the beach, in the pool, on the lake - or wherever you enjoy the water.

Men's Bathing Suits & Men's Swim Shorts

Speedo has been the leader in swimwear innovation for one nearly one hundred years. Our leading experts in swimwear technology have created jammers that will keep you ahead of the competition. With a variety of styles including swim jammers, briefs and Fastskin suits, Speedo offers a competitive edge to every level of swimmer. Whether you're training for major events every day or simply trying to improve your pool workouts, we have the swimsuits and accessories to ease your time in the water. Remember to check out our selection of snorkel gear, swim accessories and swim bags to make your swim more fun and toting your things less of a mess.