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Snorkel Gear

Stock up on snorkel gear from Speedo USA. Find snorkels, swim masks and fins separately or in convenient sets. Use Speedo’s snorkel gear to help perfect your form in the water and improve your performance during training. Pack snorkels for the whole family when you head to the beach so that everyone can get a clear view of sea life, rocky bottomed lakes or white sand and shells. While you're here, be sure to check out Speedo swimsuits for women, men, kids and babies. Or, find other training gear like kickboards, swimming gloves, our goggles and swim parachutes. Learn how you can use these tools to feel water resistance, correct your form and discover new ways to slice through the water effectively. Speedo is the name in swimming performance – take advantage of Speedo expertise with swim bags, swim trunks, swimsuits and snorkel gear.